Friday, March 2, 2012

Does this happen to you?

Off late,I've seen this happen to me a lot.. Most of my great ideas happen to me at the most inopportune moment.. I'll be at work when I get struck with an idea or inspiration to create something and there is nothing I can do about it at that moment. Makes me want to scream and run..But, then I'll be labelled as 'that crazy lady at work'. sigh  How do you handle such moments? Jot down your thoughts on a notepad for future reference? But..but.. it won't feel as satisfying when you work on it later as it will, if you try it immediately. Ok! Enough of my rant,you say? I do have some lovely embroidery frames to show you today. so, let me show you that instead of ranting.. :-) Here is the doodle heart sampler framed and finished!

I love how it came out. The other heart sampler..done on tea-dyed fabric also is framed now. I love the aged look of the tea-dyed fabric. See for yourself..

Here is the 'Take a nap' sampler framed.. This is one of the first samplers that I got framed..

and, my most favorite of the lot.. the crayon-tinted 'Growing trees' sampler. I love this technique.. like a reader said.. a grown-up version of coloring. ;-)

All the designs are from Urban Threads.I have a few more samplers to show you but, I'll save it for another day! We don't want an image overload,do we?! ;-) As you can see, I'm enjoying these samplers a lot.. Small projects that give instant gratification.. what is your kind of project? Instant gratification or long-term satisfaction?! (That sounds cheesy!) Share your thoughts..


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