Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FO in action!

I'm working on a few things at the moment..but, I don't have any pics of them yet.. So, I'm gonna share a sewing FO in action. Remember way back when I made this reversible dress for my cousin's baby girl. I met Baby Rashmi during our Christmas vacation and I gave the dress to her. Of course, we got Rashmi dressed up in her dress and took pictures of her in it..

The dress fits her nicely and she has room to grow in it. I did make her wear the booties I made..but, you know how babies are with their booties,don't you?! She kicked them off in minutes after I put it on her. Here is Rashmi giving her opinion of the dress..

Isn't she cute?! I'm glad the dress fits her as I eye-balled the measurements and made it. :D Its been a long time since I sat at my sewing machine.. I'm itching to sew a bag or a baby dress now.. Let's see what strikes my fancy..


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