Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Since I don't have any interesting WIP to show you today, I thought I'll talk about some heirloom brass ware that I got from my family. If talk about old tarnished brass ware is not your cup of tea, you might be bored by the rest of the post. ;-) It all started when I was rummaging through a rundown shed at my paternal grandmother's place.. I came across this ceramic jar that was used for pickling lemons and mangoes... used by her. She is no more and I remember her as a soft-spoken lady who was very dexterous with her hands. She used to do a lot of embroidery for home.. pillow covers, table cloth and such. All my aunts and uncles say that I take after her. :-) Here is the jar I stumbled upon..

It is a bit chipped at the rim and shows a lot of wear and tear. There is even a small crack on it. But, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I was glad to find something that my Grandma used in her days. Seeing my joy over old scrap items that belonged in the family, my aunt gave me a brass vase that belonged to my Grandma. It came to me like this..

I was over joyed! My Hubster thought I have lost it. Who in their right minds will do a happy dance for a tarnished brass vase?! But, I saw the potential in the brass vase. One round of cleaning will bring this beauty back from sleep. Don't believe me?! See for yourself..

I have plans to use this as a vase. Then my dad donated some more brass ware that he had in his collection that he got from my maternal grand mother.. She is no more and I remember my maternal grandmother as a shrewd lady with a vile tongue, very unlike my paternal Grandma. She always insisted us on getting good grades as she didn't go to school beyond the primary level and I remember her making bobbin lace and selling them for her pin money. I regret not learning the craft of making bobbin lace from her. These are the items from my maternal Grandma..

Boring brass ware,eh?! I got these cleaned.. actually, I requested my Dad to get these cleaned at a shop that deals with brass wares. and, now, they are shinier than ever.  See.. See..

I plan to use these items just like my Grandmothers did. I don't believe in hoarding items without using them. My favorite is the small bowl on the right at the pic above. I remember my Grandma using it to store her hair pins and safety pins. I'm using it at the moment to store some embroidery floss. :-)

I'm glad I got these items from my family. I like the continuity that I find in these materialistic items and I hope someone feels enough to take care of these things after my time. Do you have any heirlooms that you inherited from your family? Are you using them or just storing them? Share your stories with me..


 P.S: Its my brother's birthday today.. Happy Birthday,Nevin! :-) and, a dear cousin's first wedding anniversary too. Happy Anniversary,guys! May you have many more years of wedded bliss!

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