Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Felt crib mobile!

Hello dear readers!

Its been a long time since I popped in here.. The little one is 5 months old now and I hardly get time for myself these days. I've been wanting to share this simple project I did last year around August/September time-frame, when I was still pregnant with the little one. An easy to make DIY felt crib mobile.

All one needs to make this crib mobile are the following:

Felt sheet in various colors
An unused embroidery hoop
Hot glue gun
Cord or string
A metal ring

Acrylic paint to paint the hoop

I cut the felt sheet into random shapes and stuck the pieces one on top of the another in order of their size. I cut 2 piece in each shape and used 4 shapes per side and made 2 sides in each combination to make a reversible felt sandwich. (Clear as mud?! Read the sentence slowly and it will make sense. :-) ) I made a total of 30 sandwiches.

Then I painted the embroidery hoop in white and tied 6 strings at equal distance around the hoop. I took the hot glue gun out and glued the sandwiches together on the string, keeping the string in the middle of the sandwich. Now, hang the hoop from a metal ring and use the metal ring to hang it on top of the crib. Watch your baby have fun kicking the mobile..

Alan loves his mobile and can entertain himself for a good span of time kicking and talking to his mobile. Gives this tired mommy a breather to get things done around the house. :-) A win-win!

I bought the felt sheets from Itsy-Bitsy, from their online store. I must tell you that my online shopping habit has doubled ever since I got pregnant and became home-bound. Thank God for online retail therapy. I'm linking this project to Itsy Bitsy's First Annual ItsyBitsy Craft Awards 2012-2013 in their Kids craft project of the year category.  Please vote for my entry. Its Entry # 10 under Kids craft category named as 'Jocelyn'. Its my first time entering any of my handmade in a competition. so, I'm very excited. Wish me luck!

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