Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's your style??

Mine is simple and minimalistic. I like clean lines and simple designs. This reflects in my choice of designs I make as accessories. This is a simple design I made for an earring and pendant set. I got the inspiration from Pinterest.

I think I used 20 gauge silver plated copper jewelry wires and some acrylic beads that were in my stash. this piece involved some hammering as well. It was fun to make this without any tutorial to follow. Since I'm still in the nascent stages of learning this craft, I depend on tutorials and videos a lot. One day, I hope to be independent of the tutorials, design my own line of accessories and craft what I see in my mind's eye.

Simple and minimalistic. Totally my kind of bling! So, tell me what is your style? Minimalistic or over-the-top? Nothing wrong in being either.. :-) Whats your most favorite accessory you have in your closet? Share a pic if you can.. I'd love to see your favorites.

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