1. Thank you for the tutorials....I just bought a spindolyn from Cady May at Knittinganyway.com andwill be needing your info when I atttempt to ply the small amt. I have done. Thank you again. my Ravelry. name is Tashii (my cat's name.
    Again thank you. Arlene

  2. hi,
    if you are still in bangalore i would love to learn how to make quilts.do you conduct any classes
    umapls reply to deviuma75@gmail.com

  3. Hi
    What can i use for the backing to make the iron run smoothly? I have completely burnt my cover, so much so that wood is visible. Pls suggest

  4. Hi What can I use as a backing for the cloth. My cover is so badly burnt up that even the wood is visible from the bottom. I want the cover to be padded up nicely... Pls suggest

    1. Poonam, I'm assuming you are talking about the ironing board cover.. I'd say find cotton batting to upholster the board. We can get polyfill batting but, it can melt under the heat of the iron. Cotton batting is the best for this purpose, I think.


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